Tuesday, April 26, 2016

REVIEW of O-Sip! Silicone Sippy Lids (Pack of 3) #OSipLids

 REVIEW of O-Sip! Silicone Sippy Lids (Pack of 3) from Amazon

We are always losing parts to sippy cups, whether it's breaking a lid or losing a straw, so I was excited to review these (I received them in exchange for my honest review).

They are a really thick silicone that is a bit tough to put on at first but have loosened up slightly the more we've used them. I agree with another reviewer who recommended testing them on empty cups first to help stretch them out and also to practice putting them on. There's a bit of a learning curve.

Also there are not instructions included so you have to use your intuition. Don't forget to pinch open the valve openings at the spout! I still found it to be a little small (causing child to have to suck really hard to get liquid out) so I might use a knife to open it a bit more for ease of use. That being said, if a cup with one of these falls over, it doesn't easily spill!!

 The first time we used them. I had a hard time getting the lid to not "bubble up" because it was hard to get it taut and flat against the cup opening. But after a bit of trial and error I was able to figure it out. At that point, I think they are incredibly useful because you can use them with any number of small, sturdy cups.

I also love that they are super easy to clean. A lot of slippy cups with straws and valves gross me out because stuff can hide in them that are hard to clean. My daughter also loved the texture but wasn't easily able to pull them off so they're much more stable than standard ones.

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