Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Affordable Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier: Review of #Wrapy

My first child loved being held, so I got to know a lot about a variety of baby carriers. When I had her, I purchased a stretchy wrap carrier because it could hold children from birth up through toddlerhood, since its length would accommodate a variety of sizes and it is more ergonomic than other carriers (for mama and baby's comfort levels).

So, when I got the chance to review Wrapy and compare it with the name brand stretchy wrap carrier I'd previously used as well as the other baby carriers I've used, I was excited to see how it compared, particularly given that it is a really affordable carrier. Others can cost nearly double the price (if not more!), so if you're not sure whether your baby will love a certain wrap (because every baby has its own personality and likes and dislikes!), then you don't want to flush a bunch of money down the drain!

When I first opened the Wrapy up, I could see that at least in appearance, it looked very much like the stretchy wrap carrier I'd previously used. It has a T-shirt-material-like feel and is very soft like jersey. It even comes in packaging that mimics the name brand one. It also came with a decent instruction booklet, although it only uses illustrations and at times photographs would communicate the variety of holds more clearly, I think. Also I know from my research online there are more holds it can accommodate that aren't presented in the booklet.

I first proceeded to wash Wrapy, per the instructions and it came out as good as new, no wrinkles or anything. The only problem I seemed to have with it was that, in comparison to the name brand one, it didn't seem to stay folded in half as easily, so there were more adjustments that needed to be made when putting it on than I previously had to do with my other one to make sure I was wearing it correctly.

Otherwise, it operated essentially the same and is of similar quality. I do wish the middle tag that you use to position your wrap was a better, more stylish design. It's pretty plain, and that's the part that faces out, so it'd be nice if there was something more fashionable about it, but it does not in any way affect the function or versatility of the wrap.

I received a sample of #Wrapy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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